The Ohio Cycling Association was formed in late 2006 under the impetus of then USA Cycling Regional Coordinator Mike Hanley, the association contracts with the national governing body, USA Cycling, to govern bicycle racing in the state of Ohio.

Original Board Members:  Kirk Albers, President; Jeff Braumberger, Vice President; Secretary, Jeff Aufdencamp; Treasurer, Scott Thor

The OCA was incorporated in early 2007 and by-laws were drafted with substantial assistance from Paul Martin.  A short time later, the OCA received a 501c3 non-profit designation from the IRS, again with the invaluable work of Paul Martin.

Scott Thor resigned in late 2007, Jeff Aufdencamp assumed duties as Treasurer at that time as well as assuming duties as Category Change Coordinator.

Andys Burns was added to the board in the spring of 2009, assuming the role of Treasurer.  A short time later, Jeff Aufdencamp resigned his position on the board, the Category Change Coordinator duties were assumed by David Groen.

As of July 2010, Andys Burns also assumed the duties of Category Change Coordinator – many thanks to David Groen for his service.

In late 2012, a new board was elected. A transition plan was identified to transition Ohio Cycling to the new officers, in the process thanking Kirk and Andys for their many years of effort.

2016 Ohio Cycling Board:
President: Marshall Leininger
Vice President: Ron Garrett
Treasurer: Corey Green
Secretary: OPEN
Officials: Mitch Beckner

2015 Financials

OCA 2015 Financials – Net Income and Cash Flow Statements