Mission Statement:

The Ohio Cycling Association is committed to working towards the development of amateur bicycle racing, fostering ties to the communities in which we live and supporting fair and drug-free competition in our state.  Our volunteer board and prospective committees will operate as the state branch of the national governing body.  

2018 Ohio Cycling Board:

  • President – Katsu Tanda
  • Vice President – Spencer Hackett 
  • Treasurer – Chris Ardnt
  • Secretary  – Kari Hutson
  • NE Regional Rep – Levi Gaswint
  • NW Regional Rep – Angie Reidel
  • Central Regional Rep – Ryan Gamm
  • SE Regional Rep – Joe Lawhorn
  • SW Regional Rep – Chris Poptic
  • Junior Rep (non-voting) – Douglas Dombrozsi
  • Women’s Rep (non-voting) – Mary-Kate Wintz
  • Officials (non-voting) – Mitchell Beckner

2018 Ohio Cycling Roles (click for contact)