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Lynchburg Start Lists

Start lists for Lynchburg are now posted. Looks like a great day – be sure to bring water!

A few notes:
– Bibs on the left
– Registration for AM races will open at 8am and run through 9:45am
– Registration for PM races will open at 10:15am and run through 12:15am
– Day of registration will be available – however the Cat 4/5 race is sold out.

xls icon Lynchburg-AM-Race-Start-List.xlsx
xls icon Lynchburg-PM-Race-Start-List.xlsx

Zanesfield Start Lists

Below are the start sheets for tomorrow’s race at Zanesfield. Bibs will be pinned on the left side, start and finish in the same place as last year.


pdf icon Zanesfield-RR-Juniors-11-12.pdf
pdf icon Zanesfield-RR-Juniors-13-14.pdf
pdf icon Zanesfield-RR-Juniors-15-18.pdf
pdf icon Zanesfield-RR-Masters-35.pdf
pdf icon Zanesfield-RR-Masters-45.pdf
pdf icon Zanesfield-RR-Masters-55.pdf
pdf icon Zanesfield-RR-Men-1_2_3.pdf
pdf icon Zanesfield-RR-Men-3.pdf
pdf icon Zanesfield-RR-Men-4_5.pdf
pdf icon Zanesfield-RR-Men-4.pdf
pdf icon Zanesfield-RR-Men-5.pdf
pdf icon Zanesfield-RR-Women-1_2_3.pdf
pdf icon Zanesfield-RR-Women-3_4.pdf

Ohio Crit Cup – Opening Event Update

Calendar planning – and ensuring all events have an equal chance of success – is a continually complex part of what the Ohio Cycling Association is tasked with in the winter months. Finding the right dates for as many events as possible is a problem with rarely a clear solution.

In 2014 we worked with Cleveland and Summit Freewheelers to extend the RATL series a bit later into May to put it in a position to be the opening race in the Ohio Crit Cup, broadening the reach of the cup to north end of the state. Simultaneously we were working on the Ohio State Road Series dates and ties with other events that could increase the attendance in the early season road events.

Once the schedules settled, venues were secured, and calendars were compared we ended up with a conflict between the first Ohio Crit Cup and the QCW Omnium, a part of the Ohio Spring Race Series. A position that immediately forced the riders in Ohio to pick between one or the other, leaving each of the races in an awkward position.

After much discussion, we have moved the opening Ohio Crit Cup race one week earlier to May 9th to give them a totally free weekend to maximize attendance from those in Ohio.

We know that there was great work done by Rich Gould with the park management to secure the 16th of May as a date for RATL. The Ohio Cycling Association takes full responsibility for the conflict that created the situation where we asked to move the opening Crit Cup date to the 9th. We appreciate Summit Freewheelers and the work they have done to increase the number of racing opportunities in Northeast Ohio and apologize to Rich and the team for the schedule change.

Ohio Cycling Association
Ron Garrett – President
Corey Green – Vice President

Ohio State CX Champs Recap

It was noted during road season that we didn’t do a very good job of broadcasting the winners of the Crit Cup and Crit Champs – so let’s take the time to try to do it right!

Here are your Ohio CX Cup and Ohio State CX Champs for 2014.

Men Cat 1/2:
Ohio CX Cup
1 WEEKS Matthew
2 GAMM Ryan
3 CARD Jonathan
8 HACKETT Spencer
10 JACKSON Cameron

Ohio State Champs
1 Steve Twining
2 Joe McDaniel
3 David Neis

Women 1/2:
Ohio CX Cup
1 BROWN Lorena
2 ADAMS Kennedy
3 ARNOLD Kristen
4 GREEN Mackenzie
5 SANTOS Katherine
8 BRODE Samantha
9 COBB Elizabeth
10 AMBJORN Cooper

Ohio State CX Champs
1 Mackenzie Green
2 Katie Arnold
3 Kennedy Adams

Men 3:
Ohio CX Cup
1 ARNDT Christopher
2 KIEFFER Samuel
3 KRUSE Taylor
4 HALL Joseph
5 OHARA Brian

Ohio State CX Champs
1 Sam Kieffer
2 John Kieffer
3 Chris Kellar

Women 3:
Ohio CX Cup
2 STRANG Kellie
3 WEBB Laura
4 PRICE Sally
5 MALIK Jennifer

Ohio State CX Champs
1 Vicki Munnings
2 Laura Webb
3 Anneke Frankemolle

Men 4:
Ohio State CX Cup
1 RICH David
2 SACK Jeff
3 POST Peter

Ohio State CX Champs
1 Dylan Rockwood
2 Bradley Cramer
3 Clayton Travix

Women 4:
Ohio State CX Cup
1 MEES Dana
3 GLIGA Sandra

Ohio State CX Champs
1 Emma Hayes
2 Catherine Neff
3 Sandra Gliga

Men Cat 5:
Ohio State CX Champs
1 Benjamin Leichty
2 Marc Jurewicz
3 Michael Gottfried

Men Single Speed
Ohio State CX Cup
1 HACKETT Spencer
2 TANDA Katsuhiro
3 BROWN Justin

Ohio State CX Champs
1 Andrew Boneff
2 Ernesto Marenchin
3 Spencer Hackett

Women Single Speed
Ohio State CX Cup
1 SMITH Heather
2 ARNOLD Kristen
3 SROKA Julie

Ohio State CX Champs
1 Kristen Arnold

Juniors State CX Champs
Boys 9-10
1 Ryder Thompson
2 Conner Wilson
3 Ben Wilson

Girls 9-10
1 Alexa Stierwalt
2 Alexis Hills

Boys 11-12
1 Nicholas Petrov
2 James Haubner
3 Jonathan Hills

Girls 11-12
1 Olivia Rademacher
2 Michaela Schulze
3 Caroline Long

Boys 13-14
1 Lucas Stierwalt
2 Lewis Gatch
3 Jacob Krynock

Girls 13-14
1 Rosalyn Willey
2 MariadelPilar Grolmes

Boys 15-16
1 Enzo Allwein
2 Alex Christian
3 Dylan Rockwood

Girls 15-16
1 Sydney Lach
2 Emma Hayes

Boys 17-18
1 Clayton Travis
2 Ryan McLoughlin
3 Zachary Ross

Girls 17-18
1 Mackenzie Green

Masters Men
Ohio CX Cup 35+

Ohio CX Cup 45+
1 LOMAN Nate
2 HILLS Peter
3 LACH Patrick
4 EVANS Brent
5 MARUT William

Ohio CX Cup 55+
1 HART David
2 NEUMAN Robert

Ohio State CX Champs
1 Scott Miller
2 Joseph Hall
3 Chris Arndt

1 David Neis
2 Matthew Weeks
3 Cory Muth

1 Jay Karpinski
2 Brett Mckay
3 Doug Carraway

1 Nate Loman
2 Peter Hills
3 Raymond Auger

1 John Gatch
2 William Marut
3 Lou Beckmeyer

1 Jeffrey Craft
2 Daniel Lach
3 David hart

1 Robert Neuman
2 Ron Kubala
3 Robert Breedlove

1 David Linden
2 Jos Belich
3 Dale Seeds

1 Bruce Skillings

Women Masters
Ohio State CX Champs
1 Victoria Steen
2 Aneeke Frankemolle
3 Vicki Munnings

1 Laura Webb
2 Lorena Brown
3 Maria Weese

1 Elli Sigmond
2 Tiffanie Hills

1 Kellie Strang

1 Geraldine Schulze

1 Karen Wells-Hamilton

2014 Ohio CX Cup Details

The races and categories for the 2014 Ohio CX Cup are now set. To see the details of the cup, be sure to download the document and look at each of the 3 pages. Not many changes, but we are adding a Womens SingleSpeed category.

Men 1/2 – $750/10
Women 1/2 – $750/10
Men 3 – $250/5
Women 3 – $250/5
Men 4 – $100/3
Women 4 – $100/3
Masters 35+ – $200/5
Masters 45+ – $200/5
Masters 55+ – $100/3
Men SS – $150/4
Women SS – $150/4

The state championships of cyclocross will be held in the popular John Bryan State Park on November 22nd and 23rd. The Masters, Juniors, and SingleSpeed champions will be crowned on Saturday, November 22nd. The senior categories of 1/2, 3, 4 for both men and women will be crowned on Sunday, November 23rd.

Download the Details

Ohio Crit Cup Update

After taking a month off to give time to complete the Ohio State RR and Ohio State TT championships, the Ohio Crit Cup continues this Saturday at Lionheart GP in Mason, OH. There are a lot of great competitions in flight in the standings – take a look!

Congratulations go out to all the TT and RR champs of Ohio crowned the past two weeks. The champions can be seen in the Road Race and Time Trial results.

Thanks to Kreitler Racing Team and Summit Freewheelers for successful championship events. It takes Ohio clubs and promoters to put on quality races.