Promoter FAQ

Thanks for taking on the task of promoting a racing event, take a read below when laying the groundwork for an event permit.

All USA Cycling rules can be found in the link, Chapter One has most of the rules pertaining to organizing races.

Race Announcements/Flyers
Flyers in PDF form are preferable as they can be opened in a multitude of devices and operating systems, they don’t have to be fancy, but they are the document which officials will base their race day.

Clear Category Designations
In all disciplines, categories at numerical. 1 to 5 for Men on Road and Track, 1 to 4 for Men in Cyclocross, Pro and 1 to 3 for Men/Women in MTB. 1 to 4 for Women in Road/Track/Cyclocross.  If a promoter wishes a certain event to be limited by age and/or category, try to make it clear on the race flyer, ie Mens 35+ Category 3/4 (only).

Make sure there is sufficient time between events for results tabulation and gridding/lining up next event.

Rider must race in the category on their license and/or “authorization to ride” printed from their account.

Prize lists – Essential part of Rule 1H1(f), “No decrease in total prize list is permitted.”  Structure the prize lists conservatively, it’ll avoid a lot of hassle post race, language in flyer which runs contrary to the rule should likely be omitted.

Surcharges listed on Race Announcement (flyer) – Per rule 1I2(e), “… the existence of any surcharges and what they are for, including fees for online entry.  All such fees shall be in accordance with the Schedule of fees.”  – Basically means list $3 USAC per rider Insurance surcharge, and any online reg fees, if applicable.

Results, if possible, should be uploaded online, the link will take you to the “how to” page at USA Cycling.  Here is a link to an example using the 18 column version, but as noted in the guide, there are options to use fewer columns.

Promoter created rules unique to the event(s) are permissible, but they must not conflict with established USAC rules, and must be listed in writing in advance, see Rule 1B3 (a – c)

Race Numbers Yes, there are USAC rules regarding number size, however, it is more a function of readability at speed an by camera which necessitates the proper size and makes results production more accurate.

Equipment available, contingent on logistics (left to right: lap cards, safety vests, marshal flags, car top lights, lap card stand (able to do two different races simultaneous):


Motorola CP200 Radios, with available Speaker Mics and Spare Batteries. Course Signs with H Stakes (full list in this PDF).


still need photo of video camera and medical kit(s).  Also available: white duct tape for finish line.