Category Changes – How to

Short answer is to go here and choose the upgrade/downgrade option on the license info tab.

Complete information on upgrades/category changes can be found here at USA Cycling’s website.

Make sure to include all *USA Cycling Race Results*, whether they appear in the database or not. DO NOT include ABR, Westlake, training race, or other non-USAC permitted race results.

Starters is defined as the number of riders in your current category (or higher), ie 50 riders in a Category 3/4 event with 45 Cat 4’s and 5 Cat 3’s would be 50 Starters for a Category 4 rider, but 5 Starters for a Category Three rider.  Promoters and officials can assist in this determination, by posting results to and classifying fields by Categories rather than using A, B, C designations.

Ranking points are not upgrade points.  Ranking points show up on the rider’s account page at, as shown in the screenshot.

Upgrade points are tabulated using the tables below for the various disciplines and field sizes.

Age graded or Masters events are sometimes applicable for category upgrades, mainly dependent on the number of riders in the field of the rider’s category (and higher).

Appeals on upgrades can always be submitted to the Regional Coordinator at USA Cycling.

Your account at is the ONLY way a change can be made.