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2014 Ohio CX Cup Details

The races and categories for the 2014 Ohio CX Cup are now set. To see the details of the cup, be sure to download the document and look at each of the 3 pages. Not many changes, but we are adding a Womens SingleSpeed category.

Men 1/2 – $750/10
Women 1/2 – $750/10
Men 3 – $250/5
Women 3 – $250/5
Men 4 – $100/3
Women 4 – $100/3
Masters 35+ – $200/5
Masters 45+ – $200/5
Masters 55+ – $100/3
Men SS – $150/4
Women SS – $150/4

The state championships of cyclocross will be held in the popular John Bryan State Park on November 22nd and 23rd. The Masters, Juniors, and SingleSpeed champions will be crowned on Saturday, November 22nd. The senior categories of 1/2, 3, 4 for both men and women will be crowned on Sunday, November 23rd.

Download the Details

Ohio Crit Cup Update

After taking a month off to give time to complete the Ohio State RR and Ohio State TT championships, the Ohio Crit Cup continues this Saturday at Lionheart GP in Mason, OH. There are a lot of great competitions in flight in the standings – take a look!

Congratulations go out to all the TT and RR champs of Ohio crowned the past two weeks. The champions can be seen in the Road Race and Time Trial results.

Thanks to Kreitler Racing Team and Summit Freewheelers for successful championship events. It takes Ohio clubs and promoters to put on quality races.

2014 Ohio State Track Championships

Reminder to all! This weekend is the Ohio State track championships in Cleveland, OH. If you are a track verteran or a track newbie this is a good weekend to check it out. They are offering Wednesday sessions to certify racers on the track and also offering rental track bikes if you don’t have your own. Please see for more information!

Flyer for Friday night races

Flyer for State Track Championships

Ohio Crit Cup – Upgrades

This past weekend was a great kickoff to the 2014 Ohio Crit Cup. Attendance was high, fun was had, and there was some great racing.

One item we have decided to address after the weekend is upgrades and allowing riders to upgrade and keep their points after moving forward. This will encourage upgrades during the series.

A few rules for upgrades:
– Riders upgrading will be allowed to take 70% of their points up to the next category in the series.
– Previous results from the series races will be removed from the series points, but results will not be adjusted for the removed result.
– If a rider raced two races in their last race before upgrading they will be allowed to keep their result in the higher category of the two races.

Please contact us at with any questions regarding the upgrade process.

Bib Numbers

One of the most frequent questions at a race is placings and contesting results. One of the best ways to ensure your place is properly recorded is to pin your number on correctly. USA Cycling has several rules on number pinning that we have included below. Rules aside your placing in the race is dependent on the official being able to recognize you via your bib number on a video tape.

Here are a few tips:
DO NOT fold your number in any way. Recognizing a bib number on video depends on the outer frame of white helping to place the number.
– Bibs should be pinned so that they remain flat against your jersey and not loose.
– Bibs should be pinned on the appropriate side so that when you bend forward they are right side up. 999 looks like 666 when pinned upside down.

For more information, please read this info on number pinning done by our friends in Indianapolis, Ken and Cindi Hart.

USA Cycling rules on bib numbers:
1J7. Racing numbers.
(a) Racing numbers are provided by the Race Director, who may require a deposit that shall be refunded on return of the numbers in good order. The figures shall be printed in block letters using black waterproof ink. Numbers shall be constructed from materials sufficiently durable to last the race without tearing or disintegrating, even in adverse weather. The name of the race or race sponsor may appear on a competitor’s number. Race Directors who fail to provide numbers meeting the above requirements to all riders shall be fined as specified in the Schedule of Fees.
(b) Riders shall place their numbers as prescribed by the Race Director or officials and in such a way that they are visible when the rider is in a racing position. When shoulder numbers are provided for cyclo-cross, they are worn on the upper arm to be visible from the front. Hip numbers shall be attached securely at least at the four corners and no accessory or hair may obstruct a clear view of the number. If shoulder or frame numbers are provided, they too shall be placed as prescribed. Numbers may not be folded, trimmed, or otherwise defaced.
(c) A Local Association may impose additional number requirements.

Junior Road Grant Deadline = June 14th

A reminder that if you are a junior racer and planning to participate in road nationals or international competition, the Ohio Cycling Association would like to help you. You can submit a grant request to have your entry fees at these events reimbursed by the state – up to $50/event for road nationals events. Take a look at the application and send it in before June 14th!

Junior Road Grants Documentation

Standings for OSRS

The standings for the Ohio Spring Racing Series have been updated and provided to the OCA for publishing. Check them out and if you have any issues, contact the folks at


If you have standings from a series in Ohio that you would like to publish, please email them to